Equine Facilitated Workshops

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Paula Beck (413) 454-5742

Consider the Possibilities!


One day in the country is all your team needs to light a fire in your business?


Ask the experts about Leadership, Trust, and Cooperation


No riding involved; no horse experience necessary.  My horses and your team already have everything they need to bring out their unique, extraordinary gifts

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Most of our workshops start with a Temperament Test. Who are you, really? Answer the questions on a short temperament test, and I will provide you with a full analysis of you: how you relate to the outside world, take in information, make decisions and organize your life. When you understand yourself, you will are able to accept and collaborate with all different personalities

All About Equine Insights

Why Horses?

Horses bring a large, living, breathing being into the equation.  You will be blown away by their ability to get straight to the truth.  This is a workshop that your team will remember long after they leave the farm.

Recent Events

Just got back from Equine Affair at the Eastern States Exposition  West Springfield, MA November 9 - 12, 2017. Thanks to everyone who stopped by!  Winners of the Wisdom Card decks are posted on our Facebook Page


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